Personal Design

The first stage of the work is designing. This can be done directly by Cantiere Serenella, discussing every detail with the customer, or performed by important design and naval architecture firms. If the boat being designed has unusual features, a model is constructed. Then, the actual building begins. The outlines are traced and the wood is marked. The frame of the boat is constructed with larch risers, elm beams and floor, and solid mahogany from Kenya for the keel and stringers.
Once the framing has been completed, the planking is performed in two stages. Glue is used to attach the exterior planking to the interior planking, made of marine plywood. Each exterior plank is a single piece of cut-to-measure solid mahogany that runs from bow to stern. Next, the hull is impregnated with epoxy resin (three coats of West System resin), using a procedure that ensures excellent results both in terms of gluing and impermeability. To obtain an impeccable gloss, at least ten coats of varnish are applied. It is essential to sand between each coat using water abrasive paper. These steps are very labour-intensive, but they are essential to the aesthetics, quality and durability of the boat.
The next step is the interior and the cabin, which is usually fi nished with burled wood. Finally, the mechanical parts and motor are installed. The entire boat is custom-made, including with respect to the accessories, details and trim. The final result is a boat that is completely customized – every detail is designed to meet the customer’s needs.